Speaker Code-of-Conduct

Thank you for speaking at LAKC. Your session content draws attendees to our conference. Thank you for contributing!

Lean Agile KC was started as a community learning conference.  Our goal is to provide the best Lean and Agile learning opportunities possible. We just ask our speakers to help enhance this learning environment by not overtly or explicitly “selling from the stage”.

If the content is relevant and engaging, attendees can continue the conversation with you after your talk.

We are not expecting problems. But we do want to be explicit so the COT and speakers have a good shared understanding of the goal of providing the best learning environment possible.

Thank you again for being a LAKC speaker. We are looking forward to a great day! If you have questions about this code of conduct, or would like clarification, please contact the COT.

Best Wishes,
LAKC Conference Organizing Team

P.S. Check out our attendee CoC for all conference participants:

Attendee Code of Conduct