Modern Alternatives to Scrum

November 13, 2018 8:30 am - 9:30 am

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Joshua Kerievsky

Are there easier and faster ways to become agile than beginning with the roles and rituals of Scrum? Yes there are! Back in the 1990s, a small collection of lightweight software development methods emerged to help us achieve important outcomes faster than Waterfall-based approaches. These early frameworks and methods, including Scrum and Extreme Programming, incorporated the best thinking of the day on how to be agile. Some of the wisdom in these methods is timeless while some of the practices and roles are now outdated. Modern Agile practitioners use streamlined, simplified approaches influenced by Lean Manufacturing principles, experiments by veteran Agile/Lean practitioners and ideas from organizations that discovered how to move with quick easy grace in order to compete with bigger players. Today’s modern alternatives to first generation agile ideas are a far better place to start than Scrum. In this talk, we’ll explore what these new approaches are, when they are a good fit and how they compare to traditional agile methods.