Meet our Conference Organizing Team



Troy Tuttle

Conference Team Lead and Sponsor Liaison

Troy is a Lean-Agile coach, software developer mentor, and consultant with almost a decade of experience working in Lean-Agile environments. He currently operates KanFlow, a consulting firm dedicated to helping software professionals, teams, and organizations improve by the study and application of Lean and Agile principles and practices. Most of his work is directed by approaches that support better clarity, understanding, and continuous learning about Lean, Agile, and the nature of knowledge work itself.

Troy has been heavily involved in the community as a facilitator and speaker. He founded the Limited WIP Society of Kansas City in 2009—a user group for Lean, Kanban, and Agile practitioners to help others in the community with the theory and practice of Lean software. He also regularly speaks at local, and regional events and conferences. Recently his interests have focused on systems thinking and complexity theory as alternative means to achieve a better understanding of Lean and Agile software development.

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Jenny Tarwater

Conference Speaker Liaison

Jenny Tarwater is an International Speaker, Agile Coach, and Trainer local to the Kansas City, Missouri area. Jenny has over twenty-four years of corporate experience bringing business teams, technical teams, and sponsors together to reliably deliver large-scale development projects with her disciplined approach of cultivating success and growth in people, process, and products. Jenny has a passion for driving the adoption and understanding of Agile values, principles and practices, and her endless motivation drives her involvement in cultivating the “small company start-up culture” across organizations large and small. Jenny is a kinetic leader, partner, and consummate student who brings enthusiasm and awareness to projects and keeps teams focused and delivering success in rapidly evolving and dynamic environments.She is currently doing Agile coaching, training, facilitation and consulting for Blueshift Innovation.

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Tami Flowers

Conference Volunteer Leader

Tami is an information strategist with 20 years experience advancing business objectives through applied technology. Her areas of expertise include business process improvement, information governance, complex financial and accounting systems, business intelligence, and efficiency in systems program and project delivery through an Agile framework. Tami is owner of Three28 Solutions, and is also Director of Governance Solutions for MetaGovernance

Tami is a Certified ScrumMaster, PMP, and PMI-ACP and frequently speaks at local, regional and national conferences on topics related to Agile and teamwork. Her first Agile experience was taking a highly regulated organization from waterfall to Agile in 2006. Through this journey she gained an appreciation of the business value and business support that comes from delivering high quality solutions in frequent releases, as well as the understanding that transitioning to and maturing Agile within an organization requires a lot of focus on the team and individual’s soft skills.

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Travis Dietz

Conference Registration Leader

Travis has worked as a software engineer for just a little under 20 years with the majority of that time spent in a consulting role. He currently continues to work as a consultant assisting organizations with their software initiatives in KC. As owner of Integrity Inspired Solutions, Travis and his team of experienced consultants assess and build enterprise software, organize and mentor teams on best practices both from a process and coding perspective, and assist customers with aligning their business objectives with their software priorities.

Travis joined the Lean Agile movement in 2009 while he was in the midst of an initiative to build a .Net division within a local iSeries consulting firm, AdventureTech. He personally has been involved and assisted with the transition of multiple companies away from traditional waterfall methodologies. Travis has contributed to many software development teams and helped them understand not just the theory behind what a lean agile team does, but also the practical value the team and entire organization receives as well. He’s driven by a passion to demonstrate the improvements, efficiencies and freedom that are available, when legacy practices and processes are retired and replaced with transparency, collaboration, and business value driven development.

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